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Shay Ola - The Accidental Chef 

Shay Ola is a bit of a culinary nomad, experimental chef, creative food & drink consultant, product developer and the founder of The Rebel Dining Society. 

Shay's unique approach to hosting dining events saw it grow from serving 30 or so friends in a bar to creating immersive and interactive events and experiences for 200 -300 people and found him building a growing client list of international brands.


Since leaving London almost 7 years ago Shay has worked on concepts in Paris, Berlin and beyond and is currently living in Lisbon developing a new project working with local producers to source and develop quality food and beverage products.


Shay had also been building up a growing online presence thanks in part to appearances on Vice Munchies - Chef's Night Out and multiple appearances on Jamie Oliver's Food Tube and has also featured in ad campaigns for Tanqueray Gin, Converse and Oliver Spencer.


Shay was and still is a bit of an enigma in the culinary world, having no formal training but despite this Shay has continued to push along forging his own unique path and making a name for himself in the process.

Despite all of this Shay really doesn’t see himself as anything special, just a guy with a love for cooking and discovery and going wherever the wind takes him.

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